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Looking to Buy a Block of Land?


Are you looking to buy a block of land or have recently secured a block and need house plans?

Selecting a design to fit on your chosen block can save you thousands of dollars during the build.

Contact us today, we are happy to provide quality complimentary house plans on any block.

Some of the benefits of working with Blissful include:-

  • Expert designers with 15+ years experience designing Australian Homes
  • Design a home to meets your needs 
  • Full council compliance form day one
  • Expert advice regarding key cost items such as Mine Subsidance, Bushfire and Solar Orintation 


Contact us today on 02 4048 4458 or email us at sales@blissful.properties


For more information check out our range of:-


Dual Occupancy Homes - Granny Flats - Investment Properties - Kit Home Building - Knock Down Re-Build - Narrow Block Building - Sloping Site Building - Split Level Homes - Stone Homes - Project Style Homes - Larger Homes

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