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Display Homes


One of the pleasurable parts of constructing your home is the planning. If you want to make it more fun, Blissful Properties display homes can help you!


Our display homes will not only give you an idea of your dream home, but also it will give you a clue of what standard of workmanship we are using to build quality homes perfect for your requirements.


For many of you, it can be hard to visualise your dream home’s appearance just by staring at your house plan. With display homes, your questions will be answered as we built these for that purpose. Our display homes can be your guide for your new home. If you like our display homes yet you want to add some changes to make it more perfect, we can help you!


More and more investors are discovering the benefits of buying a display home and leasing it back to the builder at a guaranteed commercial rate for the life of the display village. These property investment opportunities aren’t as easy to find compared to regular investment properties on the market but they do have the potential to offer impressive returns – just be sure to do your homework.


As with all investments in property, buyers should exercise caution and there are a number of considerations to take into account.


Once you have considered all the pros and cons of buying a display home as an investment property and you have stripped away all the incentives and benefits marketed by the builder and considered the investment fundamentals of the property, you’re looking at a great long-term investment.


Display homes are also a popular option for many first-time investors who are looking for some ‘surety’ to minimise risk in the first few years of building a portfolio.


So if you are currently evaluating your property investment options, purchasing a display home is definitely worth your consideration.


We can also work on your current house plan and construct you a display home for you to know if it would be suitable for your needs or not. What makes our display homes different is that we showcase the best materials to use for a home, allowing you to determine or have an idea of the finest materials you want to incorporate once you started building your home. 

We also have display homes for sale. Available at a reasonable price, expect that these will give you the best value of what you have spent.


Find Out More and Call Us!


To know more information about our display homes, we are always prepared to help you. You can send us a message via email or you can just give u a call for a quick response. Our line is always open to serve and answer all your questions you want to ask. Our team of representatives are skilled and experienced in providing the best solutions you need!


Current display homes located at Cooranbong and Cliftleigh Meadows. You can contact us on 02 4023 0812



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