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Kit Home Building


You only get one chance in designing your dream home. So, it is important that everything should be done right, down to the last details. For us, this means working closely with every step of the way. Of course, we will give advice and share some of our expertise, yet we will also want to make sure that your original design isn’t compromised and that you get the home you like.


With Blissful you can take away all your worries as our kit homes are made with your needs in mind. The process is simple. Sit down with our design teams. Arrange your free consultation to discuss selecting one of the designs, designing your own home from scratch and modifying one of our designs. We can also bring much detail as you can so you sales consultant can offer you with their suggestions about your designs.


A kit home can be most simply defined as a home where most of the major components such as the framing is prefabricated in a factory and then delivered to your site where it is assembled.  It is like putting a large “kit” together thus the name.  The frame of the kit home is made from either treated pine or steel, depending on the design of the house, your personal preference, and your overall budget.


There are so many numerous advantages about living in a Kit Home. Kit Homes are known for their extraordinary quality and durability, because of the extreme steel edge and segments utilised in the construction. You can likewise be guaranteed that your new home will be vitality effective, all around protected and properly ventilated, making it ideal for managing all different Australian Climates.


When you buy a home from us you are getting a unique, custom designed home at a value that really is worth for cash. We maintain a reputation of predominant quality and we guarantee that each project makes one of the best kit homes.


We also understand that each client has various design requirements. Therefore, before we can give you with a precise quote, it is vital that we know exactly what you are after. The items that will help in making the process accurate and information, terrain and location, land size, finishes externally and internally.


Kit homes have seen a rise in popularity in recent years due to their stylish designs, energy-efficiency and affordability. In addition, kit homes allow home owners to take part in their property’s construction, which can be a satisfying experience for many.


A kit home is designed and partially manufactured off site and then all the materials are delivered by truck to the construction site for assembly. Some kits have parts that will need to be cut and trimmed on site.


Our stylish collection ranges from one-bedroom cabins, two-bedroom granny flats, through to two-storey family homes with up to five bedrooms. We have the design expertise and intelligent technology to ensure your plan matches your dream technology to ensure your plan matches your dream – exactly.


We also have an internal design team that is available not only to help you with your preferred designs, but also they can draw up the concept plans for your new home. If you have plans for your home, we can help you build kit homes that are perfect for you.


If there is something that you are not sure of or you have changed your mind, it is not a problem with us. We can amend your design and supply you amended concept plans that align with your new specifications. With this, we can make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the outcome of our project.


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