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Sloping Site Building is Easier With Blissful Properties


If you’re planning to build your dream home on a sloping site, you don’t have to compromise its function or form. A bespoke, well designed, split-level house design or even a pole house can maximise views and privacy while improving your lifestyle.


Sloping block building requires specialist builders who have experience and expertise in building sloping block construction. We are expert sloping block builders and our aim is to provide environmentally friendly structure and design that will achieve a level of natural air-conditioning, and producing a house that will save on heating and cooling costs, and be in great demand due to our smart internal layout and street appeal.


At Blissful Home Builders we don’t see sloping sites as a problem that needs to be overcome. For us, it’s actually a unique design opportunity to have a stunningly original and innovative home. Our home designers can turn any sloping sites into a location that will make your home flows naturally with your block’s natural landscape. So, instead of trying to force a standard cookie-cutter home design into sloping sites along with unsightly and costly earthworks, retaining walls, and drainage, we will work in collaboration with you to create a home design that will fit efficiently and beautifully in the surrounding landscape.


Building a home on a sloping block of land is an attractive option for many people.


Perhaps the most obvious advantage you have here is the greater elevation. A house positioned at the top of a hill can provide superior views of surrounding areas compared to those built on flat land, and can also allow more natural light to flow in from different angles.


The dynamic lie of the land also allows you to get a bit more creative when designing your home. The low part of the block may prove to be a suitable spot for a garage or a basement, while higher sections might be great for a light-filled living room or master bedroom.


Before you get carried away with your imagination, however, it is important to think about the challenges of constructing your home on a hill.


Designing and building homes on a sloping site presents significant challenges like:

  • Addressing drainage properly
  • Driveway gradients meeting various standards for accessibility
  • Unstable groundwater issues and slopes making challenging soil conditions
  • Meeting the different requires from the Council including planning overlays, building setbacks, protection of the neighboring properties, and protection of the existing trees and vegetation.
  • Maximising home energy efficiency and solar orientation
  • Minimising site’s disturbance thereby limiting unsightly and expensive retaining walls and earthworks
  • Maximising privacy, taking advantage of the views, and sheltering from the prevailing winds.


Cut and fill


Depending on the gradient of your block's slope, there's a high probability that you'll need to cut into the hillside in order to create a flat platform that will serve as the foundation of your home. You may also need a series of stilts to form the other end of the base. These methods will probably require retaining walls and a lot of soil displacement, which can be expensive.


Exposure to the elements


One benefit of building on flat land is the fact that your home will likely be fairly sheltered by natural topography, as well as windbreaks formed by other manmade structures. Building on a hill largely removes this layer of protection, leaving your home more susceptible to the elements.


You'll want to take this into consideration when selecting building materials, and think about how trees and plants will fare in harsher conditions. This is particularly true for those of you building in Perth - the windiest city in Australia experiences average afternoon wind speeds of 17.4 kilometres per hour every year according to the Australian Governments' Bureau of Meteorology.




The ever-important system of drainage gets a little complicated when you have to take sloping ground into account. Pools of water collecting at the bottom of a steep hill can lead to erosion and require additional retaining walls. If the sewage system is situated uphill, you may need to have a pump installed, while if it's at the foot of a slope it might be necessary to have a drop manhole in place to slow the passage of water.


Building on a sloping block is an exciting opportunity, though there are some additional costs to plan for. Keep these things in mind when planning the hilltop home of your dreams!


Our design process will result in a home that you envision, an energy-efficient, innovative, as well as livable split-level homes with a luxurious high-end finish. Your luxury home will surely be functional, perfect and beautifully fit for your sloping site


We build in a range of locations including Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Lower Hunter, Port Stephens, Central Coast, Maitlandand we are always expanding into new areas to service our clients’ needs.


Want to know more of our designs for your sloping site? Then, don’t hesitate to call us! We are always available to help you with your needs!Want to know more of our designs for your sloping site? Then, don’t hesitate to call us! We are always available to help you with your needs!


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