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A great choice for you


Looking to Release Some of your Equity? Maybe it is time you downsized

Life changes every second, every minute and every day. And among the most important changes that take place is your home. You may be currently living in a large family home that has served its purpose.Taking the decision to downsize is natural for many Australians and this could not be any easier than with Blissful Homes and also aimed at simplifying the entire move. Right from the first step of deciding if you should downsize until the very last phase of moving into your new Blissful Home, We will help you out at each and every stage. We’ll make the transition easier for you, and present you with a wide range of options.

We sure have something for everyone, no matter what your budget or needs are.


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Downsizing may be a great choice for you if

You want to release some equity from an existing property
Your kids no longer live at home
You are about to retire and want a more practical home to live in
You want to bring down your home maintenance expenses
You just want a change

So why do you want to downsize? Discuss your needs with us, and we’ll give you so many homes to choose from, each featuring quality materials and modern, artistic designs

A glance at our process

We have an initial meeting with you during which we discuss your needs and requirements in details.
We then find the perfect home for you. Whether you want something simple or enjoy a bit of luxury, we can help you move into your dream home.
We offer you financing options, simplifying even the most complex transactions.
We help you settle down into your new, blissful downsized home!

Why us?

We do everything for you; from finding a home to managing the final paperwork, everything is our responsibility. And if you want, we can also sell your current home for you!
We make the experience blissful and enjoyable, taking all the burden off your shoulders and making sure you have nothing to worry about.
We set up flexible financial arrangements, making sure you the get the best ever deal.
We offer a huge range of quality homes which feature modern designs and smooth finishes.