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Term & Conditions

Term & Conditions description

The terms and conditions listed below govern use of the online services (the “Online Services”) and materials available therein (“Materials”) provided by LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. and its affiliated companies (collectively “LN”).

The terms “you” and “your” in uppercase or lowercase shall mean the entity (e.g., company, corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, etc.) or government agency entering into a Subscription Agreement with LN.

The “Subscription Agreement” shall consist of these General Terms and Conditions, and the standard, transactional rates applicable to you (the “Price Schedule”). 1. GRANT OF RIGHTS; RESTRICTIONS ON USE 1.1 You and your Authorized Users (defined below in Section 2.1) are granted a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited right to access and use for research purposes the Online Services and Materials made available to you. The rights granted to each Authorized User are as follows: (a) The right to electronically display Materials retrieved from the Online Services for the Authorized User’s individual use (e.g., no Authorized User may network others via LANs, WANs, intranets or the Internet), subject to the Supplemental Terms for Specific Materials (“Supplemental Terms”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, an Authorized User may display a de minimis amount of the Materials on an incidental, infrequent basis for non-commercial purposes to other Authorized Users so long as the Authorized Users are in the same physical location and the mode of display is not through the Internet, an intranet or other types of networking communication like LANs or WANs; (b) The right to email, fax, download or make printouts using the commands of the Online Services and the right to create a single printout of Materials accessed or downloaded by any other means (collectively, "Authorized Printouts"); (c) With respect to Materials that are court cases, court rules, court briefs, agency issued documents, agency regulations or executive branch materials from the United States, its states, local governments, or territories (collectively, "Authorized Legal Materials"), the right to download using the commands of the Online Services and store in machine-readable form, primarily for that Authorized User’s exclusive use, a single copy of insubstantial portions of those Authorized Legal Materials included in any individually searchable file or content source in the Online Services to the extent the storage of those Authorized Legal Materials is not further limited or prohibited by the Supplemental Terms. The storage may continue so long as the Authorized Legal Materials are needed for purposes contemplated under this Subscription Agreement;